Jason by L.S Anders ~ Book Review


The Blurb
A love lost, but never forgotten.

An opportunity realized. He gives up everything for a chance to win the heart of his one true love. Separated by years, the sacrifice he must make might prove too much.
Will she give him another chance to win her heart? Locked in the hell of her past, she finds herself longing for a future. One that isn’t teeming with deadly secrets. Haunted by the loss of her beloved spouse, she can’t seem to disentangle herself from his ghost or the enemies that still seek her out.
When new friends prove to be more than they appear, giving Jason and Evana a chance to start over, will they take it? Or, is it already too late?

Jason, is the third installment in LS Anders’ Exotic Ink Series and, much as I loved the previous two (and they are awesome), this one blew them out of the water. Evana ~ owner Exotic Ink, the tattoo parlour featured in tall three books ~ although outwardly in control is plagued by memories, most especially the death five years previously of her husband, and a secret, which if revealed could prove calamitous.

Then her past, the past she has been fleeing for twenty years, steps into her present in the guise of Jason, her newest hire. Unsure Jason will even recognise her, Evana is stunned by her attraction to him, even after all this time, and astonished to discover, that Jason not only remembers her but also he still loves her – he never stopped. Seems some things you can’t run from! Unfortunately the secret Evana has been concealing is about to rear its ugly head, placing everything, and everyone she loves, in serious jeopardy.

I could not put this down. A brilliant novel, fast paced, with high energy, and plenty of steamy scenes, all woven into a great plot, which continually twists and turns, as Evana and Jason are joined by the wonderfully eclectic mix of characters we have come to love. This story also introduces a paranormal element, hints of which already lurked throughout the other two books, and the owners of Mythical Ink are as intriguing as they are hot – yes, of course they’re hot!Jason can be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend you read Vehn and Tegan too…it’s a total win win…!

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Author: Rosie Chapel

Rosie Chapel is an independent author of historical fiction and romantic fiction books including her debut novel The Pomegranate Tree and the sequel Echoes of Stone and Fire