Cowboy Games by Audrey Randall ~ Book Review

Yes! Cowboy Games – another book in Audrey Randall’s Celestial Prophecy Series. Having read the previous two – Playing His Game and Playing Her Game – and could not wait for the third installment. This story follows Lana, one of the gaming team and Steph’s (our heroine from Playing Her Game) best friend.

Lana’s long time cyber friend, Solar Cowboy – aka Cody – persuades her that his ranch would be the perfect place for her and Steph to establish their coding school for underprivileged girls. This is an opportunity too good to resist and Lana travels to the middle of Montana, looking forward to meeting her friend face-to-face as well as sussing out the ranch. Unfortunately for Lana, Cody has conveniently forgotten to mention that he is way younger than he’d intimated online, that the ranch is owned by his older brother – Jesse (the sexiest cowboy Lana has ever seen) – and that he hasn’t actually asked said brother whether he would approve the scheme.

Jesse, assuming that Lana is one of his brother’s school friends, is floored when she arrives. Her green eyes, her multi-coloured hair and her curvy body captivate him and, inexplicably, he finds himself agreeing to show her around the ranch with a view to maybe, possibly allowing her to set up some kind of clinic. Lana, in turn is entranced by Jesse; this devastatingly handsome cowboy who is so tall and muscular yet has the grace of a jungle cat. He is doing things to her emotions that are positively illegal.

Confronted by feelings that neither expected nor wanted, Jesse and Lana are drawn to each other and despite being from completely opposite backgrounds, their attraction is undeniable. True love isn’t always a smooth ride though (see what I did there…) and there are a few hiccups along the way!

The thing I love about Audrey Randall’s books is that they are not just all about sex – steamy though it is! She weaves an interesting story around the couple, one that captures the imagination and hooks you in from the get go.

Her characters are so believable – normal everyday people who have normal everyday hang-ups, but who discover that they share a special something that fires the blood.

Cowboy Games does not disappoint and much as I love the previous two in the series, this one is my favourite. A hot cowboy, a nerdy gamer, a sprawling ranch – the perfect setting for a delicious romance – and who needs a joy stick when you have a horse! Go on – enjoy the ride!

Cowboy Games is available worldwide through Amazon from 9/1/17

Author: Rosie Chapel

Rosie Chapel is an independent author of historical fiction and romantic fiction books including her debut novel The Pomegranate Tree and the sequel Echoes of Stone and Fire