Writing Once Upon An Earl

While I was researching Etched in Starlight, I started to play with the idea of writing a simple romance. I loved Mills and Boon as a teenager, especially what used to be (I have no idea whether it’s changed) their rather old fashioned style. I came upon Regency Romances and was immediately hooked.

Not even sure I would be able to write one of my own I really wanted to try and the result was Once Upon An Earl, the story of Willow, a young woman with no memory, who appears in the middle of a storm and Giles, the very respectable Earl who, not only rescues Willow (known as Billie), but also unravels the mystery surrounding her.

As we all know love has a habit of striking at the most inopportune moments and that sometimes fairy tales happen when we least expect them. Unfortunately, a burnt house, dead bodies, missing documents and an upturned carriage might just thwart even Fate’s best intentions. Billie and Giles’ path to a happily ever after is strewn with obstacles, not least of which is a French agent who, while searching for a set of confidential papers, is also determined to destroy everything Billie holds dear.

It was fascinating researching covert operations during the Napoleonic wars and the spy networks on all sides, which apparently continued long after hostilities officially ended. It seems enemy agents attempted to infiltrate Society, for as peers of the realm it was assumed they would be privy to government secrets. I didn’t go as far as determining how successful they were, but as the backdrop to a novel it was riveting.

This was going to be a one off but quite unexpectedly it set in motion ideas for several of the characters who appear in this book. Theo Elliott, Helena Trevallier and Duncan Barrington each have their own story, the fifth and final book of this series is connected because the hero is Helena’s brother-in-law.

Where to find Once Upon and Earl

This book – which has two different covers for the kindle version – is available in print and kindle format through all Amazon sites and in print from Fishpond. I hope you enjoy it.

US: Once Upon An EarlUK: Once Upon An Earl
Canada: Once Upon An Earl
Australia (kindle only): Once Upon An Earl
Australia – Fishpond (paperback only) Once Upon An Earl

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