Vex by LS Anders ~ Book Review

Vex: Mythical Ink Series ~ Book 1

The Blurb
The Demon…

When no good deed goes unpunished, Vex finds himself cast out of Netherworld. Hell-bent on returning from where he came, he realizes too late that he was where he was meant to be.
…and the Fairy…
It was lust at first sight when Alea sets eyes on the demon. Craving a taste of the hot-blooded male, she finds in him what she never thought possible.
…and an extraordinary love that won’t be denied.
When unseen forces rip them apart, not even Hell itself can keep them from each other.

Already a fan of the Exotic Ink Series, I was so excited to discover there is a spin off – Mythical Ink, for which Vex is the first in the series. What can I say…except WOW! This book is incredible; the detail, the characters, the story line – everything, I was absolutely riveted, and quite frequently breathless! Running almost parallel with Jason (the third book in the Exotic Ink series) this story has a paranormal twist, and follows Vex, a demon who, along with an angel – Lucian – was cast out of the Netherworld decades before, and is single-mindedly focused on returning. This plan seems to be on track, until Vex meets Alea, a petite fairy, Lucian employs as receptionist for their tattoo parlour – Mythical Ink.

The love story between Vex and Alea is sublime, but their unexpected passion, which is quickly becoming something far deeper, leaves Vex torn. Should he follow his heart, and let himself be part of something greater than he ever anticipated, or let his head rule, and ignore this chance at an earthly happiness?Unfolding against a backdrop of insidious threats and a looming danger, LS Anders weaves a story full to bursting with drama, intrigue and menace, cleverly balanced by vulnerability, humour, sass and steam. Plus, Vex is one very hot and sexy demon…always helps!

Superb book, I cannot wait for the next one!
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Australia: Vex: Mythical Ink Series – Book 1

Jason by L.S Anders ~ Book Review


The Blurb
A love lost, but never forgotten.

An opportunity realized. He gives up everything for a chance to win the heart of his one true love. Separated by years, the sacrifice he must make might prove too much.
Will she give him another chance to win her heart? Locked in the hell of her past, she finds herself longing for a future. One that isn’t teeming with deadly secrets. Haunted by the loss of her beloved spouse, she can’t seem to disentangle herself from his ghost or the enemies that still seek her out.
When new friends prove to be more than they appear, giving Jason and Evana a chance to start over, will they take it? Or, is it already too late?

Jason, is the third installment in LS Anders’ Exotic Ink Series and, much as I loved the previous two (and they are awesome), this one blew them out of the water. Evana ~ owner Exotic Ink, the tattoo parlour featured in tall three books ~ although outwardly in control is plagued by memories, most especially the death five years previously of her husband, and a secret, which if revealed could prove calamitous.

Then her past, the past she has been fleeing for twenty years, steps into her present in the guise of Jason, her newest hire. Unsure Jason will even recognise her, Evana is stunned by her attraction to him, even after all this time, and astonished to discover, that Jason not only remembers her but also he still loves her – he never stopped. Seems some things you can’t run from! Unfortunately the secret Evana has been concealing is about to rear its ugly head, placing everything, and everyone she loves, in serious jeopardy.

I could not put this down. A brilliant novel, fast paced, with high energy, and plenty of steamy scenes, all woven into a great plot, which continually twists and turns, as Evana and Jason are joined by the wonderfully eclectic mix of characters we have come to love. This story also introduces a paranormal element, hints of which already lurked throughout the other two books, and the owners of Mythical Ink are as intriguing as they are hot – yes, of course they’re hot!Jason can be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend you read Vehn and Tegan too…it’s a total win win…!

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…and looks what’s coming…


Tegan by LS Anders ~ Book Review


The Blurb
Jaded, cynical, and emotionless…
Tegan Steele had no idea his Achilles heel would come in the form of a demure blonde. The last thing he wants is another relationship, but Rayna Nichols reawakens a part of him he thought was long buried and proves to be more than he can handle.
Kindhearted, shy, and soft-spoken…
Rayna Nichols can’t seem to keep her eyes or hands to herself after meeting fellow tattoo artist, Tegan Steele. Aside from being sinfully sexy, she discovers there’s more to this hardened bad boy than meets the eye.

Tegan is LS Anders’ second book in the Exotic Ink series and having thoroughly enjoyed the first one, I could not wait to read Tegan’s story. Yes, I admit it, my expectations were high, but this book exceeded them and I was absolutely riveted from the first page.

Tegan Steele, Vehn’s best friend, is the new tattoo artist at Exotic Ink, the Manhattan studio, where Rayna Nichols, newly widowed, also works. Despite being attracted to each other, both carry quite a lot of baggage. Rayna’s husband cheated on her a LOT, and died in the arms of his latest flame – a woman who had been part of the Exotic Ink team. Tegan is in the process of trying to divorce a wife whose self-destructive lifestyle and behaviour destroyed any love he might have had for her long ago. On top of this, issues of abandonment and loss of self-esteem, simmer close to the surface, leaving their ability to trust, severely damaged if not irrevocably lost. Tegan hides behind a rather grim veneer, one Rayna is slowly shattering, but every time they get close, those insecurities rear their ugly heads and any chance of a HEA slips just out of reach.

Within the Exotic Ink series, LS Anders has created a captivating set of characters, who are more than simply work colleagues, they’re a family. Ok, they are a messy, somewhat dysfunctional, chaotically crazy family but one whose love and support is second to none and one, which provides a wonderful backdrop to Tegan and Rayna’s romance – hot and steamy though it might be (& believe me it sizzles).

Tegan and Rayna’s journey isn’t always a comfortable read. Their story dragged me kicking and screaming through a whole gamut of emotions, and there were times, even though I knew why he behaved the way he did, when I wanted to slap Tegan. But then, life, romance and love isn’t always perfect, shit happens, it’s how we surmount the obstacles along the way that gives us the strength to take that leap of faith, finally believing someone will catch us before we crash into an ignominious heap.

What more can I say – I loved this book, and am eagerly awaiting the third instalment.

Tegan is available world wide from Amazon (and free on KU)
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And just a little teaser….

Catching Mallory ~ Xana Jordan

Catching Mallory is the first Wildcats Graduates Novella and Xana Jordan’s third installment in the Wildcats series. Novella it may be, but this story has as much depth and is no less engrossing than the previous two full length books – Loving Noel and Claiming Xana.

Mallory has been dating Keaton for a long time, but recently her friends have begun to suspect all is not rosy, as Keaton has been absenting himself from Mallory’s life more than seems normal for someone in a committed relationship. Gavin, one of Mallory’s best friends has loved her, almost since they first met but has managed to contain his feelings, knowing she is spoken for.

Things suddenly change when it transpires Keaton’s extra training sessions were something else entirely and he is caught cheating on Mallory. When Mallory turns to Gavin, for support and comfort, something between them shifts and she starts to recognise what has long been staring her in the face. Gavin however, doesn’t want to be Mallory’s rebound guy; he wants to be her forever guy and so, a delightfully old fashioned courtship begins.

I loved this story, for although heartache lurks it doesn’t manifest, well maybe it does, but on a very deserving candidate. The blossoming romance between Gavin and Mallory is sensitively written and Gavin is utterly sublime, thoughtful, loving tender and very protective – dreamy in fact!! Catching Mallory is a standalone novella, however, as it runs somewhat parallel to Claiming Xana, for me, it was like revisiting old friends, and was wonderful to slip back into the world of the Wildcats!Xana Jordan has a way of capturing the essence of college life, but adds a maturity, which leaves the reader believing the burgeoning relationships, within this series are not fleeting flirtations; more, they are the tantalising start to the rest of their lives.
This series just gets better and better.

Catching Mallory is available from Amazon.
USA: Catching Mallory
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Australia: Catching Mallory

Nixon by Xana Jordan & Michelle Rene ~ Book Review

Nixon by Xana Jordan and Michelle Rene, set against the backdrop of a ski resort in the breathtaking Colorado mountains, is the first book in their Winter Haven Series and follows the romance of Walker Nixon Buchanan and Kennedy Russell. This book is exquisite, it has all the feels, way way too many feels actually, but in a good way – happiness, sorrow, fun, laughter, courage and most of all love – in all its magical forms.

Nixon is the oldest of the Buchanan siblings, all of whom have been recalled to their family business – the Winter Haven Ski Lodge – to help run it. At 27, he thinks he knows what he wants, which is all well and good until shortly after his return he, unexpectedly, rescues Kennedy – lead ski instructor at the lodge – from a drunken punter at a local bar.

Their connection is instant, their attraction undeniable, but Kennedy has no idea Nixon is her boss’s son. Neither does Nixon know of the heartache in Kennedy’s past, and for a while it seems as though their blossoming romance will be over almost before it has started. Destiny, however, doesn’t take kindly to being thwarted and a love as powerful as theirs will take more than a few obstacles to be extinguished.

Nixon and Kennedy are beautifully drawn. Both are independently minded, strong people, who consider their lives complete, until the moment they meet and suddenly, a piece they never realised was missing, falls into place.

The thing I adored about this novel – other than Nixon who is drool worthy – is there are no outside forces trying to tear Nixon and Kennedy apart. No jealous ex’s or malicious co-workers or possessive friends. Their family and friends are genuinely warm, loyal and supportive people, whose joy in the love Nixon and Kennedy share is sincere. It is so refreshing to read a book without my stomach getting all tied in knots for fear a nasty piece of work is lurking, determined to destroy that elusive HEA.

Xana Jordan and Michelle Rene have collaborated to produce a story, which flows effortlessly; the interplay amongst all the characters spontaneous and natural. This is reflected throughout the book in the language and dialogue which are completely uncontrived, yet somehow inclusive, making me feel as though I’d always been part of their lives.

Nixon is the first in the Winter Haven series; I couldn’t put it down, totally engrossed from the first page, to the last word and am eagerly anticipating the next instalment. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys an eloquently, poignantly, utterly wonderful, romance.

Nixon is available worldwide from Amazon
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The Spark by Sylvie Stewart ~ Book Review

The Spark by Sylvie Stewart, is undoubtedly one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. In it we discover more about Fiona, best friend of Laney (from The Fix – the first book in this series). She comes from money and although on the face of a bit of an airhead is actually a rather complex and driven individual with hidden heartaches, which are a constant backdrop to her decisions. Enter Mark, Laney’s partner’s friend (are you still with me…) and someone Fiona always rubs up the wrong way. In fact, whenever they meet, they spark off each other – their behaviour at odds with how they treat others, their sarcastic wise-assery (yes it’s a word…) teetering on the brink of downright hurtful.

Then something shifts. Mark’s father is brought to the ER after being beaten up by thugs to whom he owes a lot of money. Fiona happened to be there, after seeing her specialist, and spends a little time talking with Mark,  who begins to see another side to her. As the story behind the beating unfolds, Fiona decides they need to come up with a plan to help Mark’s mother, in case these thugs come after her for payment.

A road trip, a rather unnerving experience and hours together has a huge impact on Fiona and Mark and despite both swearing off relationships they find themselves attracted to each other, an attraction, which threatens all their high ideals.

Sylvie Stewart’s characters are so exquisitely crafted, you feel as though you’ve known them for ever, that you are one of their friends and Fiona’s internal dialogue is priceless. I laughed, I cried then I laughed again and fell in love not once but several times.
The Spark is everything a romance reader looks for; great story, lively characters, a fast paced plot and just the right amount of sizzle! Although there are some very poignant moments they aren’t dragged out, more they add to the depth of the novel and are beautifully counterbalanced by Sylvie’s perfectly timed humour.

I would give this 10 stars if I could, it is the quintessential romantic comedy, highly recommended.

The Spark is available worldwide from Amazon.