As a busy new and independent author, my aim is to bring you original and interesting books on a fairly regular basis. My debut novel, The Pomegranate Tree, was published in December 2015 and is available in both kindle and print versions from Amazon  as is its sequel Echoes of Stone and Fire . The third book of the sequence, Embers of Destiny has just been released.

As with both previous books, ‘Embers of Destiny’ follows Hannah’s journey, which so far, has taken us from Masada to Pompeii. This time she travels, with Maxentius to a fort on the harsh and dangerous northern frontier of Roman Britain, where the cold climate is the least of her problems.

You could be forgiven for believing that the end of this book signified the end of their story. As I was finishing ‘Embers’ however, I realised that I was still not quite ready to say goodbye to Hannah and Maxentius, so I decided to write a prequel – as you do. Called Etched in Starlight, this is a short story tracing the life of a Roman soldier and that of a young Hebrew physician before and up to the moment that their paths cross on an isolated citadel in the middle of the Judaean Desert.

While researching ‘Etched,’ I discovered Regency Romances. Wonderfully crafted tales involving the men and women of the haut ton – the fashionable elite of Society. Set in the Georgian era (think Jane Austin), they are a genre I have come to love and thought to try my hand at a novel set in that period. So far, my fascination with this subject has resulted in two books. The first is called ‘Once Upon An Earl’, and portrays the romance of Giles and Willow to the backdrop of covert operations and spies (of course!). As with the trilogy, I became so caught up in the lives of my characters, that I followed it up with ‘To Unlock Her Heart.’ This second novel is the story of a young woman shunned by Society after being caught in a compromising situation, and the doctor who persuades her that she deserves her happily ever after. A third novel is in the pipeline after which I hope to return to the ancient world with a series of lighthearted mysteries set in Ancient Ostia.